Niall James Horan


Niall James Horan a.k.a Niall Horan.
One of my idols right now :D
i started likes him on a week ago
and yet,im kinda directioner right now.
BUT! im just Nialler,and my cousin likes Louis.
I saw theres alots haters of Niall and i just like "who cares"

My cousin told me "im respect to the Niallers,because Niall have so many haters"
i was like,proud to be Nialler lol.
Others are asking me "why dont you make Zayn or Louis or Harry or Liam as your idol?"
not that i just love Niall,i love all of them.But i love Niall more.

The reasons why i love Niall:
1-He is the most cool person on 1D.
2-I love he's smile.
3-He looks younger than his age.
4-Most cute on 1D.
5-He loves to eat alot just like me!
6-He is the strong person.
7-A funny person.
8-He's perfect eyes.

I really want to meet him,but i know i dont have the chance to meet him.
My daddy wont let me to go the concert,but i dont know
whether he let me go to the fans meet & greet or not.
I think is im still NOT ALLOWED to meet him.
If i can,i would like to meet him on the private place lol.

I hope that i can meet him one day :) Dream On !
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